Asmbly Makerspace FAQ

What is Asmbly?

Asmbly is a soon-to-be-built community makerspace in Austin, TX, which will offer access to quality workspace, tools and equipment. Asmbly will also offer classes covering a variety of disciplines and experience levels (woodworking, metalworking, ceramics, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more). Memberships will be month-to-month and priced according to how much access a member desires (ie: open hours vs. 24/7). We’ll be sending out periodic updates on the progress of the space. Be sure to sign up for these updates on our home page.

What happened on January 12 & 20, 2019?

Asmbly hosted its first two community meetups on Jan. 12 and 20. The response was huge - we had a full house both days and made a lot of great connections. People came with questions, feedback, and ultimately a lot of support for a large, nonprofit makerspace for Austin’s makers and artists. While our next meetups will be more social events (pint nights, etc.), they will also offer the founders an opportunity to update attendees in person and answer questions about the process. Our goal is to keep the community momentum while we identify and build out our space.

Is Asmbly planned as a for profit or a nonprofit venture?

Asmbly is planned as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we are waiting for official approval of our nonprofit status.

What will the space offer?

The initial specialty shops planned are a woodshop, metalshop, laser cutting studio, CNC router, 3D printers, and a ceramics studio. (Specific tools for each shop are still being decided.) Other possible and future offerings include printmaking, jewelry, small electronics, and photo darkroom just to name a few.

Is Asmbly intended for professionals or hobbyists?

From novices to experts, hobbyists to pros, Asmbly is for anyone who wants to learn, practice and enjoy the process of making. If you’re a professional maker looking for space where you can access a wide variety of quality equipment - we’ve got you covered. If you’re a novice woodworker who wants to feel more confident using a table saw, or maybe an experienced metalworker who wants to perfect their TIG welding technique, we’ve also got you covered. Whoever you are, Asmbly is the place to enjoy the community of making.

This all sounds awesome! When and where will Asmbly open?

We’re working hard to open Asmbly in Central Austin end of Summer 2019, but a lot has to happen before then! We’re currently negotiating and lease and securing additional funding. We’ll be recruiting members and volunteers to help us with build out soon!

I’d like to get involved. How can I help?

There are many ways to become involved with Asmbly. We’ll need a lot of help taking this from concept to reality. The best way to get involved is to 1) email us at to give us your feedback or let us know how you’d like to help, and we’ll get you involved. We’re looking for all kinds of help - planning, organizing, networking, building, advice, and good ‘ole moral support. 2) Sign up through the “Stay Updated” tab on the homepage to join our mailing list; we’ll send out periodic updates and specific calls for help.